Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bullards Bar 2007

We had a great camping trip.

Week 7 - We have Power!

PG&E came out on Monday to set our meter. We now have power to the property. Framing is complete in the basement. Framing continues on the main floor. I added a few more photos to week 6 from the end of the week.

Last weekend we went camping on our annual Bullards Bar camping trip, to see pictures click on the Jam On link to the right. While we were at Bullards Bar our camera was returned to us by our friend Annie, who picked it up at Pioneer Day.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Week 6 - Framing Continues

This week framing continued. Trenches passed inspection so I started back-filling, by hand! PG&E arrived to install power, but lost our paperwork so they have to come back to set the meter. Pictures are from my camera phone...we seem to have lost our digital camera, so we will have to figure something out. Summer Mountain Thunder Storms arrived this week and we had some showers on Tuesday. This may be the result of me saying to someone "we have not had any rain in the last 5 weeks". Ironically that next morning at 4 am it rained. I also washed our travel trailer so that may have caused rain as well.
Updated: Added some pictures from the end of the week.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Family Camping Trip #1 2007

We went on a family camping trip over Memorial Day Weekend to Scott's Flat Lake near Nevada City California. We had a good time. The kids caught fish and swam like fish all day. Our campsite was right on the lake, it was awesome. We met some really nice people in the camp next to us.


Open House 2007

The kids had an open house at School this month. They showed off all the great school work and projects that they have been working on all year. We were very impressed.


Week 5 - Framing

This week the basement area was filled in with rock, sand, wire and the concrete slab was poured. Framing was started on the left side of the house and began on the right side after the slab was poured. This weekend we have to take out a large pine tree that is to close to the back left corner of the house.

Update: Framers made good progress on Friday, so added a few more pictures. Mom and Dad helped take down the trees that needed to be removed on Saturday, and on Sunday I dug some more trenches and Mountain Mike started laying electrical pipe.