Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 19 - 22 (9/1 - 9/30)

Week 19 - Stucco Lath, Rough Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical, misc. framing punch list stuff. I ran all of the low voltage communications cabling and tv cabling this weekend.

Week 20 - Fireplace installed, Lath for Stucco completed. Inspections completed with a small list of corrections (20 or so).

Week 21 - Corrections made, Insulation completed. Drywall started. Michele hung insulation on all interior walls, and we rented a trencher and put in french drains and irrigation trenches.

Week 22 - Drywall (Sheetrock) complete, inspected, stucco scratch coat completed. Tape and texture will start.

Things are going well, Michele is doing a bunch of selection and ordering of kitchen cabinets, appliances, tile, etc. This weekend we should be completing our french drains and irrigation pipes.


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